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Proof Reading of Vajra Bodhi Sea Journal (English portion) ...

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註冊時間: 2006-04-15
文章: 129

發表發表於: 2007-01-20 04:03 PM    文章主題: Proof Reading of Vajra Bodhi Sea Journal (English portion) 引言回覆

Proof Reading of Vajra Bodhi Sea Journal (English portion)

If you would like to help proof reading of Vajra Bodhi Sea journal (English portion), please use the following steps.

1.1 The files on web servers are using the following naming convention:

*.jpg are the image files generated by scanning the original publishing papers.

*.txt, *.rtf or *.doc are text documents generated by OCR (Optical Character Reader) software automatically or entered by other volunteers. These are the files we need to perform proof reading or re-enter text according to the image files.

Here are links to folders for English proof reading:

Folder of all images files ( *.jpg ): sorted by file name

First round proof reading: folder for text files (*.txt, *.rtf or *.doc) with status of "public draft" (waiting for proof reading)

First round proof reading: folder for files with status "pending" (a volunteer is working on it)

Second round "public draft" folder

Second round "pending" folder

Third round "public draft" folder

Third round "pending" folder

1.2 setup user account:
If you don’t have account on project.drbachinese.org yet, please click the following link to create a user name and password: http://project.drbachinese.org:8080/volunteer/join_form?set_language=en&cl=en&came_from=/volunteer/personalize_form

2 download text & image file and mark the file you are working on

2.1 First round proof reading need more input and modification, the second and third round require less change but more careful reading & comparison. Depends on your situation, please click certain round’s "public draft" link (see 1.1) and choose one text file (*.txt, *.rtf or *.doc) from the file list. Please click the file name and then click "Click here to get the file" to download it.

After download finishes, please click the triangle next to"state: public draft" on upper right corner of the browser window, choose "submit" from the drop down menu. The text file will then be moved from "public draft" folder to "pending" folder automatically. By this way, other volunteers won’t be able to see the same file in "public draft" folder and we can avoid duplicate effort.

2.2. Please click the following image folder link and find the corresponding image to compare text and the original published paper. Image files are sorted by file name.

For example, if the text file you choose is vbs264.265p098e.english.rtf, the corresponding image file is vbs264.265p098.jpg. If the page has both Chinese and English content inside, you just need to verify the English portion.

Example Text file:

Example Image file:

3 Editing

3.1 You can use wordpad or word 97/2000/2003/2007 to edit the file and save it in *.rtf or word 97 format (*.doc). So other people with different version of editor can open it.

If you don’t have wordpad or word, you can download Sun Microsystem’s free openOffice from the following links:

If you are working on second or third round of proof reading, please highlight the change you made with different color. In wordpad, you can use mouse to highlight the changed portion and click the color button (with color palette icon) on toolbar to choose a color (like red, yellow, etc). In MS Word, you can use mouse to highlight the changed portion and choose a color from the highlight color drop down menu ( the menu with icon "ab/" ) on the toolbar. If you didn’t see the highlight color drop down menu, you can click main menu "view" -> "tool bar" -> "formatting" to enable it.

3.2 After you finish proof reading or re-enter the text of the file, please save it in *.rtf or word 97 format (*.doc). And then click the link of"pending" folder of the specific round (see 1.1), find the file name you chose to work on, click the file name, click "edit" tab, choose "replace with new file", click the "browse" button to choose the file you just finish editing from you local disk, click "save" to upload the file.

3.3 After upload finishes, please click the triangle next to"state: pending" on upper right corner of the browser window, choose "publish" from the drop down menu.

3.4 If you have comment or note for this file, please click the "add comment" button under the view tab and then enter your comment.

4. If you have question of proof reading process, please email vbsonline@drbachinese.org
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