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金聖寺農曆新春禮拜千佛懺02/12~14 ...

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Zoom會議ID:427 166 4110

法會期間可設立牌位和吉祥燈。費用或相關問題,請聯繫道場(408)923-7243,或電郵 goldsage@googlegroups.com

各項捐款支票抬頭請寫「DRBA」,郵件收件人請寫「金聖寺-近達師」,並註明支票用途。郵寄地址:11455 Clayton Rd, San Jose, CA 95127, USA.



Dear All Dharma Friends,

GSM will hold the Thousand Buddha Repentance from Feb. 12, 2021 to Feb. 14 during Lunar New year. GSM has not yet opened. Please join this Dharma Event by the following Zoom link (same Zoom ID as Emperor Liang Repentance):

Zoom meeting ID:427 166 4110
Zoom passcode:11455

Setting up plaques is available. Donation is $25 for each plaque. Auspicious light is $10 per day for each person( light for entire family is not available), and there are options of 1 day, 2 days or 3 days.
Please contact DM Jin Da if you speak Chinese or English.

Please contact DM Jin Neng if you speak Vietnamese.

For all checks, make please payable to DRBA, and the mail recipient is: GSM Jinda Shi. Please note the purpose of the check.
If you have any questions, please contact GSM at (408)923-7243

GSM mailing address: 11455 Clayton Rd, San Jose, CA 95127

Please call GSM number to check after 3-5 days you mailed your check. 2PM-3PM is the most convenient time for DM Jinda Shi to answer your phone. You can also put your check and plaque request in the GSM mailbox which is in the front of the GSM gate.

Joy in Dharma!

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